freeze dried dragons breath pepper powder
freeze dried dragons breath pepper powder
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Dragon's Breath Powder

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10g of freeze dried Dragon's Breath powder.

Approximately 7 Dragon's Breath peppers per jar freeze dried, pulverized, and packaged for your enjoyment.

The internet describes the flavor of the Dragon's Breath as sweet and fruity, but what you  really get is a slow and lingering "f you". The Dragon's Breath plant was first developed in a collaboration between chili farmer Neal Price and Nottingham Trent University during a test of a special plant food and for its essential oil having potential as a skin anesthetic. The Dragon's Breath plant was later cultivated Mike Smith of Wales, who said that he had not planned to breed the chili for record heat, but rather was trying to grow an attractive pepper plant. The Dragon's Breath is named after the Welsh dragon.

Up to 2,480,000 Scoville Heat Units

Ingredients: Freeze Dried Dragon's Breath Peppers